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  1. I am going to try to take some time and relax soon! I promise.

    You do the same, and enjoy DH coming home!! Glad you're back!!
  2. Busy lady! Make sure you take some time to just sit down, relax and breath.
    woooaah! so happy to hear DB is almost home!

    I am doing better. Took some time to just catch up and settle down with DH getting home.
  3. Hey dear! Ya, I was worried. Glad you are back, and I hope all is well now!! Things are ok here. DB will be home soon, school semester is half way over, and work is going well. How are things other than the madness?
  4. Hello hello!! I been MIA but I'm back!! lol
    Things just went nuts out of no where.. you know how life goes. haha

    How are you?!
  5. Hey lady! Just wanted to say hello!! Hope all is well.
  6. Well you have a great weekend with family too dear!
  7. Good to hear you got it all fixed!
    hope you have fun with your DB's family!

    I am also heading out to visit some family. Just bbq and the traditional memorial day weekend
  8. Glad all is well with you doll!
    Things are ok here, a few car issues and water heater problems. But all fixed now!
    Going to see DB's family for the holiday weekend? You have plans for the weekend?
  9. Sister wife! Sorry i was MIA.. DH kept my computer. Lol
    everythings fine. How are things on your end?.. anything new?!
  10. Hey lady! Just wanted to say hi and check on you. Hope all is well!
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