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  1. hey! i'm so sorry i never responded to your last message i kind of disappeared from the website for a while. i was just sick of reading the forums just to see women arguing back and forth all the time . anyway, i'm thinking of doing the color run in charlotte in november!! i'm horrible at running haha but i'm trying to get into it.
  2. i agree with you about the sucky-ness! lol Not hearing is the worse thing but trust me, you'll probably come up with much worse things in your mind than are actually probably happening. I'm sure you've probably heard this, but just try and stay busy and enjoy the times you get to hear from him. Are you going to be heading to charlotte any time soon? Are you into running at all?
  3. ahh of course! i'm so sorry!! mine deployed in february and is there for nine months. it absolutely sucks. i guess they'll be getting back pretty close to around the same time. he's been training someplace for a month and just went "outside the wire" for the first time on a 4.5 hour drive to their final base. it's the first time i haven't talked to him for a couple days so i'm trying not to get myself freaked out lol
  4. I love Asheville! I actually just graduated from WCU and so, as I'm sure you probably know, Asheville was a frequent visiting spot for us to do anything really exciting. And yes he is He was deployed to Afghanistan this past December and he'll be gone for a year. How about you??
  5. hey!! i'm actually in asheville which is about 2 hours from charlotte, but i go there a lot cause my best friend goes to queens! is your bf deployed right now?
  6. Hi! I just looked over your profile and saw that you live in North Carolina and so do I! I'm right outside of Charlotte, are you anywhere close? Hope school's going well and happy friday!
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