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  1. Absolutely! Do you have any idea when you might move this why?
  2. haha well that's good to hear! i've heard some not so great things about it too.. i've visited but living there is much different. well, if i end up down there i won't know anyone either!! so we will definitely be needing to get together
  3. Hi there! Sorry, it's been ages since I've gotten on, but so far I like Bragg. Fayetteville is a lot bigger than the town I grew up in so it's very different. Everyone warned about "Fayettnam" but it isn't that bad. I just wish I knew more people haha.
  4. hey girl! how are you liking bragg?
  5. Hey! i actually don't live there i'm just checking stuff out for my boyfriend! but if i ever end up moving down there i'll let you know. haha
  6. Hi! I saw your thread about Bragg, and while I don't know of any daycares, I'm new to the area and am still looking to meet some new friends!
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