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  1. oooh sorry for the novel explanation
  2. hahahahaha I know I need to strap those suckers on too! annnd if you want to accept my friend request, if you look up and to the right, under your name there should be a little thing that has a 1 with a rod dot next to it..... if you click it, it'll take you to another page. Just click the little box on top of my picture and then save if you want to accept! but yeah, I mean whatever..... uh, no pressure lol
  3. I have two friends now! WOOHOO! lol
  4. I found it!!! never mind lol
  5. lols! YAY! so how do you become friends on here....? lol. Everyone is entitled to being a baby every once in a while, this is coming from a baby bahahaha, but I have big girl panties on, for some reason not everyone does.
  6. HECK YES I WANNA BE FRIENDS!!!!! I really didn't mean to offend so many people! Gah, never has a bad day gotten so much worse!! lol Thanks again for everything though, I'm just a msos baby hahaha
  7. It makes me so mad when ppl don't look at stuff objectively and immediately jump to "oh no she didn't"! "you are a bad person" blah, blah, blah...btw I'm new to MSOS, I mean like today wanna be friends lol?
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