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  1. Alright so, I can do lunch tomorrow. Thursday I work all day and Friday is busy for me. If that doesn't work for you, we can choose another day next week too. Just let me know!
  2. Ah, well that's okay! I MAY be able to have lunch Wed. That's my only day free this week. I would say Fri., but I still don't know if my mom is coming up to see me or if I'm going to be driving down there. Or neither. My work schedule was supposed to be set, but it's been kind of weird this past week. I'll let you know for sure tomorrow.
  3. My husband took my phone charger out of town. I found my extra one though so we're good now. Yes! Any day.
  4. You should've called me! My internet wouldn't work yesterday. You wanna reschedule for another day this week?
  5. Hey lady, are we still on for lunch tomorrow?
  6. You got it!
  7. awesome! Text me when ya get your schedule
  8. It sounds awesome. I'll have to check and see if I can get it free. And I totally agree. Whenever you're free/bored/whatever... just lemme know!
  9. Well if you have it open and you or the both of yous wanna meet up with dh and I there you're more than welcome. Its a sweet line up. Necromantix and rev. Horton heat! we should get together sooner than that though either way
  10. Well here I am!! Haha. If I could convince DH to take me, I would. Annnd depending on work, blah, blah... But I want to!!
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