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  1. Aww I'm sorry! Where I live there are a ton of places to eat, just not a good Mexican place. I work as an RN and I work night shift (7p-7a)...kinda sucks having the opposite schedule of DH but 3 nights/week is considered full-time so at the same time it's nice What do you do?
  2. More like boring haha Nice I bet you are so excited!! In california there is multiple of anything i can drive a mile and have the option of a steak house pizza place sushi and all that stuff haha. Work is such a drag what do you work as?
  3. Oh fun! Hope you had a nice visit! My husband just came back from Afghanistan on Monday so I have been spending some quality time with him We concluded my weekend last night by going to this reeeeeally yummy Mexican restaurant (you'd think living in Texas there would be a lot of those places, but nope!) and then we hung out in downtown Austin I have to go back to work tonight and I'm not really looking forward to it!
  4. No problem (: Things are going well I just went out of town and i just want to go back home haha. This weekend is just visiting with family. How are you doing? Your plans?
  5. hello thanks for the friend request! how are things going with you? Any plans for the weekend?
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