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  1. good... so... what u up to?
  2. lol maybe ..we will see what happens im not rushing it hehe
  3. one day my dear!!!
  4. oh wow thats awesome! yup i def dont need that stuff atm loll
  5. emarine is the website for me to get deployment info, and the ID is the marine dependen t ID that will allow me to go on base, shop on base... yada yada on base... LOL
  6. oh im not sure what that means!!! lol
  7. I'm doing good... trying to get all my stuff done... I need to get access to e-marine, and get my ID.. so I'm making sure all my chicks are in a row
  8. im doing great, how are you???
  9. WOooOO !! so how are you doing?
  10. your so welcome!
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