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  1. I know i hate when my phone dies
  2. nnoooooo
  3. its downloading but my phone is dying
  4. do eeeet
  5. I'll have to look it up
  6. i believe so
  7. I haven't yet, but i keep finding games to try that I just haven't. Can you play it on just a droid?
  8. lol!!! do you play draw with friends?
  9. I have those days I'm sorry today is one of them.
    I'm so excited for my tax return even though it's mainly going to be spent on going out to eat it also means I get to send in my transfer application
    I love short hair when it's cut right but it's been so messed up since monday I've hated it, I now love it(almost).
  10. woo!!! my day is alright... I feel... idk... like a shell sometimes... today is one of those days...
    for tax return

    I kinda want to cut my hair short... but am un-sure... I think not...
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