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  1. OH YES!!! I thank my lucky stars daily (at the minimum) for having scored a man as wonderful as my husband
  2. Thanks girl And we both are very lucky ladies to be married to such amazing men
  3. Yes ma'am I love my grunt to pieces!! Wouldn't want it another way!!! As for urs... Good luck to him... I hope he gets that boss position so y'all could be comfy and happy!!
  4. I mean if he gets it, it won't be the end of the world, it just prob won't be a fun 3 years for either of y'all LOL! Ah, so you got a grunt huh? Haha my brother was infantry when he was in years ago. DH worked in supply and loved it, he still talks about how much he wishes he could be doing what he used to do. But he said if he becomes a boss in recruiting, he might stay in it until retirement cause it would be a lot easier. His current boss pisses him off more often than not lol but i guess that's most jobs lol so once he becomes a boss he might like recruiting a little more. So we'll what happens.
  5. nah that was very helpful! Mine was thinking of doing recruiting as 4th choice upon coming home... I'll advise him not to do it... He loves the corps!! Loves his infantry job... was just thinking of doing something different if he can't return to the battle field soon... ya you read that right... he actually likes fighting...
  6. See, we're at the point of he's sick of being in, but i honestly think it's just because of recruiting duty. He's been recruiting for almost a year now and he's so over it. It's nice that he can't be deployed, but he's almost always working, always stressing. Even when he's not "at work" he's still working bc he has to talk to potential recruits over the phone and stuff like that. When he takes kids to MEPS he has to wake up at 3am and he never knows what time he'll be home. Sometimes he's home by 8pm, sometimes he's home after 10. Plus with the Marines being super hard to qualify for now, it makes his job even harder when kids who WANT to join CAN'T because they failed a couple classes in high school (ridic i know). He has to work weekends a lot of the times too. I could go on and on about this stuff lol but i AM thankful that i do get to see him every night (even if it's just a kiss goodnight) and every morning (a kiss goodbye). He enjoys recruiting sometimes, but other times he hates it. Hah that's really not much help sorry
  7. Well I'm excited I love that he found something he loves so much! makes me happy... and ya after this deployment He's looking for something different... how's recruiting now??
  8. yeah we do! 10 and 12 seems so far away... i'm just ready for him to be done with recruiting duty in 2 years lol hoping he'll get a better assignment after that, but it also means he'll be deployable again and idk how i feel about that :/ lol
  9. in 8... so about 12 left... hahahahah... I see we have a bit in common... me likes!
  10. he's been in for almost 10 so he has about 10 years left... what about yours?
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