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    awesome!!!! I"m super happy for you!!!
  2. I THINK I FOUND A VENUE!!!!! so excite! i'll put pictures up but it is very pretty and all inclusive so they do flowers, cake, food, reception, music, ceremony, EVERYTHING at the same place.

    and the jop is gonna be may 19th of this year
  3. that's nice
  4. s

    and yeah they all came up from south carolina after power school and have been here since october. hopefully we'll only be here with them until june. it really isn't too bad, the other guys keep to themselves and sometimes one of the gf and one of the wives come visit so thats nice
  5. HAY-ZEUS!!! 4 other sailors?! oh no no no... I LOVE to make pastas any and all... I'm huuuuge on butter... Rene loves biscuits, I make enchiladas lasagna style... POTATOES!!!
  6. yes i know!!! i would like to be able to expand my skills and make a homemade sauce. maybe after df and i move from here to our own place. we're living with 4 other sailors for now and have limited space in the fridge/pantry.
    hmm so what kind of things do you like to make? maybe we can do an online cooking lesson!
  7. A JAR?! AA JAARRR?!!?! haahahah
    nah I'm just kidding... shoot as long as it tastes good who cares...
    I need to get all professional with my mexican food.. although i'm hispanic I cook like an italian who grew up in the south... Paula dean is my idol!! LOL
  8. whew yeah med-surge 3? that sounds like a walk in the park. idk how you do it but i am bowing down to you! i went to fashion school, i'm an artsy kind of person.

    and i may or may not be using a jar of cooking skills are super remedial still
  9. MMMMM!!!!! do you use whole cream or milk for your alfredo? that sounds sooo yummy and yes... I need to kick up my cooking game too... I'm in Med-surg 3
  10. lol oh i remember the days! well i wasnt on msos yet but facebook & twitter while in class smh that'll be me once i start grad school.
    tonight we're having garlic chicken alfredo. i've got the chicken and sauce in the pot with some seasons. i've got to learn how to cook good. what class are you in?
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