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  1. You're very welcome! I'm assuming you mean the post about changing. Feel free to send me a message any time. My DB's first deployment was only a couple months so I didn't really get the full on deployment experience until the last one. Things were great until things got busy there, then he was withdrawn, would be online and wouldn't talk to me, I was taking it personally, and like I said, it's still hard not to do now. I wasn't really active on this forum last time, but a guy I worked with frequently at work was in the Marines and went through a bad deployment in Iraq. He's the one that made it make sense, plus, he had been through first hand what my DB was going through and told me that it's easier on them mentally to stay their distance, which as much as we hate it, makes sense. Throw a fit, cry your eyes out, send us a message, do what you gotta do, just remember, we are all here for you. Like I said, there is nothing wrong with maybe just asking, "hey, are we ok?". I'm sure I will do it from time to time. As much as they need to focus, we still need to be reminded we are important at times too.
  2. thank you so, so much for your response to my thread. i love your icon!!! keep calm and love your pertinent, haha! seriously, though, i read your response and felt like i was being comforted by the best mom in the world, lol. thank you so much for reaching out. you are one strong lady
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