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  1. Oh my gosh that's awesome!! Yay!! I hope that happiness carries you through the weekend!
  2. Hey chick sorry so late it was good! I got like 10 letters and 2 poems frm my DF Im a very happy lady lol. How was your day??
  3. How are things going today?
  4. He does sound smart. It's better to be smart now than hurt later
  5. Same here well engaged no children yet hopefully soon My DF is a very smart man w/his waiting til we are ready for marriage and children lol
  6. Oh you're fine! Nope, just boyfriend/girlfriend. I'm hoping for something after his deployment, but nothing too soon or crazy What about yourself?
  7. Right...Are you and your SO married?? Sorry not being too nosey lol
  8. Wow that's crazy! Yeah you guys be careful. I hope your mom continues to do better. It sounds like she is in the recovery period so that's good!! Keep on keeping on right?
  9. And yes we all do
  10. So far that's the worst of it although she is getting stronger. She can get up and walk with help frm us or like a wheelchair or walker. She's not in her right mind or she's not like she used to be if that makes any since. Not today...i dont think. But our weather is very unpredictable...i woke up at 1:30 this morning with tornado warnings in northern parishes not for us but still scared me...our "severe weather event" is supposed to be either fri or sat. Last time they had an event like that, or supposed to have one we went rent a motel room since we live in a mobile home and nothing happened but heavy rain w/lightening and thunder. Which was last week lol. Girl it's 72 here in south louisiana on feb 1!!!! Lol
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