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  1. Idk if I'd want to live on post. I think the worst is not being covered by tricare. I don't get benefits at my job so if anything happens to me we'd be in a tough spot
  2. Lol, yeah I get what you mean. It sucks too cuz we can't exactly just live on base like any other married couple
  3. I think it'd be cool to live in dc haha. but like I said, anywhere but here is good with me
  4. That makes perfect sense. My fiancé and I spent the summer in TN (her hometown) and we couldnt even hold hands in public bc she was so scared. It sucks bc I really do love the south. But now that they have gay marriage in Maryland, that's south enough for me lol. We will probly be moving to dc next summer
  5. Yeah i really hate it here and I'd pretty much rather live anywhere else. Not everyone is bad, but its hard to feel safe enough to find out who i can trust if that makes sense
  6. Lol it seems like he really loves you, regardless of the lack of ring
    Its okay. I hate Jerey but that's because I'm originally from ny lol. But I honesty love the south, but am afraid of living somewhere where ppl won't accept us you know?
  7. Oh, cool how is it there? DB talks about us going to a northern state when he reups. Haha he hasn't proposed but he's already decided he's keeping me
  8. Yeah I've never been to Texas so probably wouldn't know lol. I'm in NJ
  9. I grew up in some small town in Texas you probably haven't heard of lol. What about you?
  10. I'm so excited, I thought I was the only one! Lol but ppl are really nice here and I haven't had any issues here. so where you from?
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