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  1. Haven't heard from you in a while. Hope all is well with your new bundle of joy!
  2. Hey no worries....Kinda figured something like that would happen. Did labor/delivery go well. I know it was long but any big hiccups?
  3. Sorry I didn't let you know first... He was.kinda a surprise.... Just shopping in Target and the time came :\
  4. Congrats on having your baby boy.
  5. Well you better let mek now when you head to the hospital. Can't wait to let the MSOS world know your in labor.
  6. Gah not yet. But, I think I'm having the right amount of contractions just waiting on them to get stronger.
  7. Hey is that baby coming out yet?
  8. Hey wifey
  9. Ty ill do the same
  10. Awesome... I'm adding you to my Siggy then
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