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  1. its ok. i havent been on in forever either and its all good i got it all figured out. and thats great!! how is everything going with you guys?
  2. first let me say sorry about not being on for forever. about the gi bill im not totally sure. and yea fights suck so bad. but im down to under 100 days till his R&R and im so excited about!!!!
  3. So is it true that once ur married u cant recieve the gi bill?
  4. oh no your fine. dont worry about it. im the same way. both me and my df are very hardheaded so we have our own fights lol. atleast you get to skype with him. i hope im that lucky when mine is gone... i know how that can be hard fighting and not being able to make up... i hate going to bed mad at eachother.
  5. we got married right away becuz there was no purpose in waiting. from our point of view if we were going to anyway then why not before? plus both of us are strong christians and we wanted to enjoy a lil alone time before he left. its not all bad. i have it beeter then alot of other military wifes becuz he is aloud to use skype almost everyday. the hardest thing is not being able to just kiss him and make everything better when we fight. and as much as i hate to admit it its really hard not to fight with him. thats prolly my biggest fault is im a very stubburn person and if i know im right then i wont back down. i've been working on it though. sorry im unloading all this on you. i dont get out much with work and all that jazz
  6. im sorry to hear that....i guess its all part of it and one day ill go through it. y did u decided to get married right away? i mean i would to if my family would let me.
  7. eh my holiday was just another day. i didnt get to see him. and thats a good idea to save up some money. me and my DH are saving for a house. and idk when we could either but it would be fun!!!!
  8. We dont have.a date we r waiting a little while till we have more money
  9. You have to have a sense of humor it really os the only way to get through. And thank u how was ur holiday? Did u see ur husband? and we should. Lol I just dont know when
  10. I live in columbus! and he had better. or else there will be some problems. lol I always tell him that if he comes home in a coffin then im going to give him a black eye. idk how I would do it. I joke about everything. its the only way I stay sain. well that and lots and lots of prayer. We should try to get together sometime. That is so exciting about your engagment!!!!!!!! im extremely happy for you!!!!! When is the big day?!?!?!
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