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  1. An hour
  2. How close to Allentown do you live?
  3. No! Lol I had a family emergency so John and I agreed to push it back a little so I could be here for family. I'll probably leave the 26th of this month.
  4. are you in Japan yet?!
  5. I saw him the first of the year so not too long but it's been two years and I'm bout done with this LDR crap

    Yes I'll pm you my number, lemme know when you're free and we can meet up!
  6. Oh your not far at all! she lives in North East MD. and aw! when was the last time you saw him? we should definetly meet up
  7. Ha ha I'm all over Baltimore. I live in Parkville but I have family all over. What part does your grandma live in? Let's definitely meet up, I have no life, just waiting the 2 weeks till I go see DH
  8. Hey! where in baltimore are you? i'm visiting my grandparents for a week on Saturday and am going to be bored as hell.
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