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  1. Just Did, 914 area code is me when the text pops up!
  2. text me 517-242-8776
  3. we both got it bad
  4. awww i live in michigan and mines in kansas you got it worse
  5. Awe. I know that feeling, sorry that you're so far from each other :[. I'm dealing with that, it isn't easy for me. I'm used to distance, but my DF is in California, I live in NY, but go to college in VT, so it's opposite coasts. Drives me nuts and makes me real lonely too.
  6. no we live states away. his base isnt in his home state. so im away from him 24/7
  7. Awe, I hope the stress goes away! I take it your s/o isn't home at the moment?
  8. its ok, just alittle lonely. plus with stress of work but im holding in there.
  9. That's good. Hanging in there? I hope nothing too bad is going on in your life! I'm doing pretty good, college is driving me a bit nuts, but aside from that I'm in one piece
  10. Im good, trying to hang in there how are you
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