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  1. Nanny nanny booo booooo!
  2. I am so jealous you got to meet Debra. No fair!
  3. 10:56 am, Feb 27th. Its 14 hours ahead of the East Coast
  4. what time is it there?!
  5. Aww! I'm trying to ween myself off of texting since I won't be in Japan. I haven't even been keeping my phone with me unless I go out.. which is never!
  6. I miss my texting buddy!
  7. PM meee?

  8. I think it is!

    and okay! I just did....
  9. Also, can you text me... I lost my phone in my room while packing.
  10. Hm.... maybe it's this board? it's got you in military mode!
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