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  1. heyyy(:
    sorry i havent been on in a while.. ive been busy.
    how are u?
  2. I'm excited for you!!! I hope you have an awesome time! Can't wait to hear about it... Be sure to post a thread!
  3. thats awsome!! im ever so excited to see my db wednesday!
  4. Some days are worse than others... But I just take it one day at a time. I'm pretty lucky to get to talk to DB on a regular basis, which helps. I keep busy. I write him lots and send him carepackages, every few weeks.
  5. dang. how do u deal with him being there if u dont mind me asking
  6. No, my DB is in Afghanistan.
  7. i am! i cant wait! is ur so in bct?
  8. Yes... I know you must be sooo happy to be so close to seeing your SO. That's awesome.
  9. hello there! i saw ur post on my thread
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