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  1. Thats strange I didnt get a message... ummmm
  2. just sent you a message on there it wouldnt let me friend request you for some reason
  3. hey girly your email didnt come up with anything.
  4. My dad was Navy my unlce Army and another Uncle Air force. But I still learn new things on here..Im from Pensacola a miltary town so I heard all the bad things about miltary wives im glad i found this site t showed me how wrong they were lol I love these ladies
  5. I know right.... My soon to be EX husband was active duty Army and now my Boyfriend is Navy and my dad was Army so I know the military. These ladies are great. I have never ever had a great forum like this.
  6. Yea this site is addicting. I dont post much but I have learned alot by just reading others posts
  7. cool Im about to get off work and Ill go home and look ya up and also will be back on here too. love this site....
  8. Yea Im on facebook more then anything else lol.... Yea we have tried everything to get pregnant. We did fertility treatments but it made things worse for me. So now we are gonna adopt. My weight goes up and down. The only thing that seems to help me maintain a normal weight is birth control pills.
    But you can find me on facebook thru my email danielleh8311@gmail
  9. o cool. right down the road from me.... I love it here but I am ready to get away from here. Yea I have had PCOS since after the birth of my daughter. They told me it was me gaining a lot of weight after my daughter. But I am losing a lot of weight now. I have dropped 55 lbs since January and still lossing more. It ruined my marriage because my husband didnt understand why were werent getting pregnant. So now we are going through divorce and have been seperated for 8 months now. I am dating my bestfriend from high school now and he is in the Navy and we are truely happy.

    I too am here if you ever need to talk. I am on Facebook a lot too if that is easier than on here.
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