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  1. LOL, that's the funny thing! It seems like time is both going by slowly and too quickly...
  2. Yes like crazy large amounts of help! We are almost to May. And by almost to May I mean in April. Haha and April is going to fly. I'm so ready for this summer!
  3. It's good to hear from you again. I'm glad you got a job! Being busy sure helps, doesn't it? lol
  4. Hey good! I got a job and now I am suuuper busy! Sorry I haven't reached out to you lately!
  5. Hey! How are you doing??
  6. Things happen, lol. Would you like to still meet sometime?
  7. I actually can't anymore. I'm sorry I feel bad! Keep setting things up and then not following through!
  8. Hey! Are you still up for getting together Sunday?
  9. Why don't we talk later in the week, and we can figure it out?
  10. I'm not sure. probably Sunday again!
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