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  1. I'm rarely on facebook, but I sent you a friend request
  2. AHHHH THATS SOOO EXCITING CONGRATS HUN!!!! btw i decided to just use facebook until mike leaves for recruit training :]]] add meee Megan Nicole | Facebook
  3. Probably just gonna go to someplace nice for dinner and maybe go to a movie or something, pretty low key.

    On a side note, he's home! Just got home this past weekend!
  4. aww well thats nice!! what are you guys going to do?? :]
  5. I'm probably just gonna have a date night with DB to make up for last year, DB had training the whole week of my birthday.
  6. oh yes very true!! i see your birthdays coming up soon any special plans?
  7. Like super super soon, I'm not really allowed to say due to OPSEC. Yeah, having a distraction definitely helps.
  8. awww how soon?! and im doing alright...DB leaves very lol dealing with that and being super busy with work and school but im doing well just stressed!
  9. I've been pretty excited recently. DB comes home super super soon! How are you doing?
  10. i hope so!! and thank you :] how are you doing today?
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