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  1. i don't know exactly. i'm hoping a month. i am waiting on a document from my husband and then i'll be able to file for citizenship. i have to get my finger prints taken and then i'll move. lets see. i'm pretty sure i'll have the same problem like you regarding the stroes not being open all the time. especially food deliveries. i'm so spoilt here, i get deliveries until 11 or 12 on week nights and 1 to 3 on weekend nights. oh well! i'll just have to get used to it. i'm glad you like your town house. my husband has to apply for us. he was home for christmas which was amazing! but he's back in vilseck now so, hopefully things won't take too long now. i'm glad that the people are nice and it makes sense that they want to know other people before deployment, i would do the same too. have you got all your furniture yet? how is rupert?
  2. Yeah I didnt think it would take this long for me to get here. I started getting all the paperwork started in July, a long 6 months. How much longer do you think its going to take for you to get your immigration stuff done? Its good here so far. Its hard getting use to not having things available to buy or stores being open everyday. I love the townhouse we got on post and people seem really friendly here but maybe because they want to get to know people before deployment comes.
  3. yay! you made it! i know you had been waiting for a while too. i can't wait to move to vilseck! how do you like it so far?
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