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  1. I will be there on monday!
  2. Ok so when are you comming up here lady?
  3. Oh good. I plan on staying too and just going home for a month or so if I can!
  4. yes because if i dnt then we would lose our housing
  5. Do you plan on staying during the deployment?
  6. yes hopefully they will..especillay when hubby deploys in june
  7. Aww thats how my husbands family is. His mom hasnt even left RI in like 15 years. I know for sure my parents want to visit. If my family were on the east coast they would be trying to visit alot since its cheaper than flying from the west coast. Maybe your family will get up the eventually.
  8. Well idk. They hate flying I'm trying to talk them into it but they are like well baby you know us and you know that we hate to travel especially if we cnt drive. 9/11 has really had an impact on that to so Im just praying that they change their minds
  9. Are any of them up for visiting you in Germany in the future?
  10. Yes i do know they do cause i do miss them dearly
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