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  1. School is going...okay...just subbing and trying to find a permenant teaching job..which there are like NONE! But hopefully soon!

    DF (That is SO awesome to say that ) has SERE in a couple of weeks and I'm just a little nervous about the communication but we'll get through it. The wedding *crossing fingers* next October 20th! Thank you!
  2. hey! how's the school year going?
    For SERE, he hasn't said he has to do training...his job is pretty office-y and computers, so I don't know that he needs survival stuff....but he is thinking of volunteering to change jobs in like 2 years to be a trainer there.

    Does yours have to go to SERE?

    ps-- congrats on your engagement! when's your wedding?
  3. Did your DB go through SERE training?
  4. Happy almost new school year!
  5. I know..but it's the military and you gotta roll with the punches. My DB graduates from his tech school at Lackland mid-September so as much as I would LOVE a fulltime teaching job for September..I wouldn't wanna miss the first couple of days. We'll see what happens with that. I work at a summer camp, as a tutor, and at a supermarket PT for health insurance. I'm insane...but it's what gets me through!! You are lucky your DB is finished so soon!!
  6. that sucks that his training is longer. I'm hoping DB will be finished with his mid-August and then we get to hang out a little before he moves to Lackland (at least it's close!) Only bad part about all that is that it will probably coincide with back-to-school time for me..and some of the busiest craziest days of the school year... goes smoothly
    and 3! what all are you doing?
  7. Hi! Everything is going as good as it can right now. My DB's tech school training at Lackland was pushed back 3 weeks , So he graduates from there in mid September instead of late August. Keeping CRAZY busy this summer...working 3 jobs! I went to see him about 3 weeks ago for his was AWESOME!!
  8. Hey! How's everything going? My trip to biloxi was being at home in michigan for a couple weeks so staying tooo busy. How's your summer been?
  9. Have a safe trip!!!
  10. The BEST weekend ever!!! I just printed out some of my pictures for a scrapbook..can't wait to see the pictures his dad took. My DB stays at Lackland until about yours? Thanks so much for the advice!
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