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  1. how did the wisdom teeth recovery go? I remember it was not much fun for me...and I didn't have any complications. The Vicodin made me quite loopy tho, so at least I was entertaining for everyone else. haha. hope yours went smoothly
  2. I got my wisdom teeth out today haha I dunno what kind of action I'll be in tomorrow, or the rest of the week for that matter.
  3. Hey didn't make it to sterling heights, but I got some of my gmas pierogis haha. Only in det for a couple more days...but let me know..or maybe next time and we cld plan better! Haha
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    I'll be there Saturday and Sunday, just not 100% sure what times.
  5. I LOVE polish stuff, and not nearly enough of it in houston. I have found maybe one restaurant and had to go there to get paczki for fat tues. They weren't very good though still! My dad is 100% I would def be down for some polish fest. Let me check my sched.. I think my friend is coming in from ohio on sat but I would like that
  6. I'm coming home this Saturday. I dunno if you like Polish stuff, but Saturday night and probably most of Sunday I'll be in Sterling Heights eating pierogi and other yummy things at the Polish Festival.
  7. Hey! I am staying in detroit haha. Didn't know if you meant you would be here this coming sat or were here last sat... but if you wanna meet for lunch or something that could be cool
  8. He lives about 3 hours away from me when I'm at school and an hour away when I'm at home. He's getting excited. He swings back and forth though. Tonight is a good night because he just finished up a field training weekend with ROTC. Thursday was a hellish night...he was freaking out about leaving, about graduating basic, about everything that has to get done before he leaves, about us.

    It's taken a lot for me to be able to just bite my tongue and not take some of the things personally over the phone or facebook. I have a couple of cards from him that are super sweet and when I'm having a bad day, I pull those out and read them. Having his shirt really helps too

    I know it's hard, but it's really doable. We're down to less than a month. I can't believe he only signed a couple weeks ago, seems like we've been doing this forever already.
  9. I almost went to Central... went to Bowling Green in Ohio instead. My dad lives in Lake Orion and my family's all up in Michigan too.

    You said you were doing the long distance thing too... where's he at now? Is he real excited to leave or starting to get nervous?
  10. I'm from the Sterling Heights area, but I go to school at Central Michigan. I have some friends from Lake Orion though
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