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  1. Guess whose getting married soon.. like REALLY soon!! I am soo excited for you!! Cant wait to hear all about it, enjoy every second of it, it goes by so quick!! Good luck!
  2. how was the weekend?? it sounded amazing????
  3. Hey Lady? Im doing good, getting ready for DH to pick me up and head to post, I gotta find a cute shirt to wear to a job fair tomorrow(gotta love having no clothes, haha u have to get new ones!) and print out my resume and workout! How are u feeling?
  4. morning sweetie,

    how are you????????
  5. Hey Lady! How is everything going with the wedding planning? How far are u from Italy? Come visit haha, Im boreeddddd
  6. hows italy, sweetheart?????? hows life in general?
  7. Hey Thanks for the message! Im doing good, just trying to get settled here in Italy Whenever we get to London we need to meet up for drinks! I hope your doing better
  8. hey beautiful

    i hope you are ok!
  9. Thank you!
  10. i love your profile pic!!!!!
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