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  1. hahaha. thats great!!!
    so. i dont remember if i told you or not... butttt guess whos going to see DB in like 2 weeks!!!
  2. WOOT a new laptop!

    Lily and I are good, along with DF.
  3. heyyyy : ) im doing pretty good!
    just bought a laptop... so super duper!
    haha how are you? the baby? the sailor?
  4. How are you doing?
  5. Thank you She's going great! 4 weeks old tomorrow! I can't believe it!
  6. good!!! : ) im excited for you guys, how is your little girl doing?
  7. Yeah. Its not what we really want, but kind of what needs to be done. We are still planning on having a small ceremony later.
  8. ugh... one of my friends did that, her husband is in the marines, but they just got a marriage certificate and then had like a reception and dance thing later.
  9. Well thank you! Hopefully soon.....

    I should be getting down to SC soon. What we were thinking was just getting a marriage license now, and having a ceremony later. It would be so much easier. Ugh
  10. Oh my gosh.... 6 months!! then a year and half! i give you props. no joke, when are you getting married?
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