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  1. It will be over before you know it! Thats great you will get to spend the holidays together I'm really is a blessing keeps my mind off it. Communication has definitely been worse this summer which stinks! Hopefully I will hear from him more this fall. Anyways, I'm just counting down the months!
  2. Yeah I haven't been on in awhile. R&R was great until the last couple days when he was dreading going back we're down to the last couple months though and i'll be glad to spend the holidays snuggling during the cold winter i'm kinda surprised it's gone by so fast but of course now it will drag being that it's almost over. I've been busy with school too and organizing things for when he's back. Getting anxious Hope all is well with you?
  3. Hey! I don't remember if I got back to your message about a month is keeping me busy. How was R and R? You must be close to the end right?? I still have a ways to go..hoping the fall/holidays fly by!
  4. How are you? good I hope. The hubby is on r&r now but goes back sunday I sooo cannot wait until this is over.
  5. Long time no talk! Hows it going? That stinks abt the truck! I hear Obama is sending troops home...maybe it will end early! Hope you are doing well and hope you enjoyed r and r!!
  6. Oh i know i can't believe it's already April. Well thats cool you'll get to see him though. I still have an odd feeling this deployment will end early. Call it a gut instinct. I've been doing good. Just staying really busy with school and running our household. I was in Washington for 2 weeks and when got back i found out someone hit my husbands truck (parked in our apt complex) and didn't leave a note or anything so i had to file a police report (the manager knows who it was) and get it fixed so that has kept me busy. He comes home for r&r in June so not too much longer
  7. Happy April!! Hows it going?? Turns out my DB gets one of the first r & he'll be back prob before yours has his... Excited to see him but bummed about the rest of the'll be that much longer..
  8. Oh same here lol. All my school is online but it is keeping me busy as well. I joined your group btw. Care packages are fun to send. my hubby loves getting his
  9. Yea it does seem like most ppl are in Afghanistan. I just started a group of 'deployment buddies' if you're interested! Just trying to get a smaller group of ppl to chat with since the other groups on here are so big. Theres also deployment pals but I don't think I qualify bc I don't post enough on here.... Anyways, DB has arrived at his destination and I have his I can send him stuff now at least. School is keeping me very busy!
  10. lol thats cool! i have the exact same sticker on my car too. i also started a new social group on here called "they're still in iraq?" because lately i only see afghanistan deployments :-/ i hope your holing up well
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