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  1. LOL, thanks. I felt it to be...appropriate to my personality. Especially around here. Maybe I am too cynical.
  2. lmfao your siggy picture. kill me right now.
  3. Meh you'll be better off in a few years anyway. They closed Jaws in universal to add on to HP, I was kinda disappointed the first time I went. There's just one Harry Potter ride (which is AMAZING) and then the other two rides are old and just redecorated to fit the HP theme. Then they made a shitty restaurant, Honeydukes and the prank shop, and that's about it. It's so tiny, if it weren't so congested all the time you could walk through in like five minutes lol
  4. Lol my mom takes me on fancy vacations. I cant afford any of this shit on my own And the last place on earth she would go is orlando. She haaaaaates kids (wonder where I got it from ) so the idea of an entire city dedicated to fantasy lands for children is actually her hell. I am hoping to go to FL for spring break with my friends and possibly rent a car and go. You know, because I am crazy. But I probs wont make it there for a few years, which is sooooo disappointing.
  5. You've never been?? You go on fancy vacations and you haven't made the trip to ORLANDO for HP??
  6. FUCKING A! Not fair! Find me a british man to marry! Omg. Tell me how wonderful it is. Just. Omg. Omg. Omg. So jellie.
  7. I'm in Harry Potter world rn. Had to tell you.
  8. Yay! So glad it turned out to be nothing!
  9. I took Finn to his vet on Monday and she said the bump by his nose is a histiocytoma. She said its nbd and it should go away by itself within 6-8 weeks and no need to bother it atm.

    Sooo you were right.
  10. Ngl it's one of my top reasons for maybe not having kids. It's like #1 I only want to buy things for myself, #2 "but what if its ugly??"
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