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  1. Yea it was he didn't treat me well enough
  2. OOO ha ha sorry! I didn't know what you meant by him going 'bye bye'. I just guessed he had deployed lol. Well, hopefully it was for the best?
  3. No i mean i dumped him lol
  4. Aww I'm sorry! But at least the deployment has started and you can go ahead and start counting down the days!
  5. Ok DB go Bye Bye though
  6. Hello How have you been lately?
  7. Yea im just really bad at hiding emotions and not letting it get to me. I think atlot of it has to do with the fact im really not happier and i have no friends close by. It makes it really hard.
  8. Sometimes it's hard not to go insane! Basically, I tell him I'm in a relationship with his voice and hearing his voice is like seeing him lol. You will be able to do it as well! I'm not doing anything different. Just waiting here for him patiently. even though it sucks!!
  9. Wow maybe I shouldn't be complaining. Idk how you do that. I think I would go absolutly insane. Idk what I'm gonna do. Just wait to see if I can visit or not. I wish he'd just find out so I would have to get my hopes up.
  10. That has to be really hard! DB is like that too though. It's either we're together or not (but I think if something were to happen in our relationship, he would give us another chance). But our relationship is stronger than ever... even though we have only been together 1 1/2 weeks out of 10 months! Do you know what you're going to do?
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