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  1. lol we shall definitely see!
  2. same for DB, he hates the heat! Tell him he'll get to meet nessie works every time!
  3. cold and wet is my kinda weather lol yes i wanna live there i gotta convince db though
  4. You want to move here? It's cold and wet I warn you but I love it! DB plans on moving over here next year, fingers crossed He visited last week and LOVED it!
  5. hi... lol to answer your question, I'm not from Scotland... yet... its one of my major goals in life though ...

    and thank you for the thoughts
  6. Hey, completely random message here as I was just curious about your username. Are you from Scotland? It's just because I am and I thought I was the only one one here.

    I'm also very sorry to hear about your father I saw the thread you made and you have my condolences.
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