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  1. Its going. Very stressful DB is searching for full time job since he is just in the Reserves, but since the economy has kind of tanked in our town its making it hard, so he is having a rough time with it. But we went engagment ring shopping the other day so that was nice. :-) Just not for sure 100% when he will pop the question lol. Other than that just enjoy my final few days off of work, and then waiting on school to start in the fall.
  2. doing well! enjoy my last few days of vacation from school. hows everything on your end?
  3. Hey how are you doing?
  4. I am excited to take boards, really ready to be in the work force as a nurse and not a CNA!!! And ill need the extra money me and my DB have been talking about settling down in the next year or two...which i am looking forward to!
  5. thats great to hear about your nursing boards! it is a great career to get into
  6. I have been doing okay....busy with working 2 jobs and just got applied in to take Stae Nursing Boards so im excited! And my DB is keeping me busy before I move for school lol
  7. I've been doing good, busy with school. How have you been?
  8. Hey how have you been doing?
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