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  1. Hey! Thanks for checking on me. Its been a little bit of a rough week, but finding my rhythm now (I think, fingers are crossed LOL). DB is away at training so that brought the deployment closer and in a detailed focus. A few rough days, very serious, seeing and feeling the deployment in its full reality.

    Anyway doing better now. Thanks for checking on me
  2. Hey how are you doing? hadnt heard from you in a few weeks so I just wanted to say hi!!
  3. Hey your welcome! I definatly need some more MGF all my other friends are married to their military men, so its kind of like feeling like a lone ranger down this way! Hope your having a great week!
  4. Hi (waving from east coast)

    Thanks for befriending me! I need more mgf friends, as my others are soon getting married (yay) and are busy with wedding plans. So thanks! Look forward to chatting with you.
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