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  1. lol yea I know I hope he's able to get back into it though
  2. my DH is an AO.... its funny cause my dh wants to be a rescue swimmer as silly boys like that dangerous stuff..hahaha
  3. Right now he's an AN.. he got put to undes after he was in A school for aircrew but I think that it was too full or something.. I don't remember exactly what happened lol but he's hoping that after this deployment he can go back to rescue swimmer. What does your hubby do?
  4. yeah i only get three years with him on shore duty starting in dec... and then he is out to sea again..booooo what does your DB do in the navy?
  5. aww thats cute
  6. thats great! no not deployed underway... when he is stationed in wa we are going to college together... i think its going to a fun way to spend more time with each other...
  7. Right now I'm an Administrative Assistant.. but I'm a few credits short to graduate with my associates in Early Childhood Education.. I can't remember but is you DH deployed?
  8. so what do you do?
  9. hey there... yeah thats my i love my job...hahaha i only work 10:30 to 1:00pm..
  10. I'm at work right now lol.. ready for 6:30 to get here hehe
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