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  1. Wouldnt it be something if your DH and my DF knew each other???
  2. Well, as much as I would love to be there with Kevin I have to say that I will not be moving out there because I go off to college in TN this August, therefore, I can't. Not to mention Kevin only has a year left and then he will be gettting out of the AF, coming home, and going to ETSU with me to recieve his Bachelors degree.....So as you can see there would be no point. Oh, and not to mention at this moment in time him and I are not even married so IDK how any of that would work and I am sure it would be costly to move there. So for right now I am content staying in the States and waiting out the next year until I can be with him permanetly.

    Anyways, how do you like living out there?
    Does your husband like his job?
  3. Hey!!
    My dh is in the Navy but stationed on the AFB!! How cool is that? It seems like there are a lot more people on SOS in Guam than there used to be. When are planning on moving out here?
  4. Hello! I am Brooke and I just wanted to drop by and say "Hello".
    Also, I see that you live in Guam.
    My Fiance is stationed at Anderson Air Force Base in the Air Force. How cool is that??
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