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  1. I never really left. I have just been creeping and not really posting. A lot has been going on. And thank you.
  2. You are back! And Preggo!
  3. Lol I feel the same way. DH is on PCS leave so we have been in Montana visiting his family and then we're going to NC to find a place to live finally. Then, I have to go back to school to student teach until May when I graduate.
  4. Busy Busy. I got super frustrated today, I'm just chilling eating crappy food until my friend says we can go for chinese
  5. Of course I still exist silly. I have been super busy with school, work, and planning the wedding. It was a crazy three months. Now that the wedding's over I can finally relax. How are you?
  7. Pretty good. I get to the point where I need to get away but I think it's like that with any family. It's nice that I get to get away with DB on the weekends and stay in a hotel for the weekend away from the children to unwind. How have you been?
  8. for getting to spend time with DB! How's the nanny-ing going?
  9. Yes I still exist. I've been busy with DB and my new nanny job but I'm on here still. I miss you guys too.
  10. Pstt... Do you still exist? The Divas miss you!
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