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  1. thanks for the check-in, wifey! I was just about to text you, so its a good thing I am a MSOS stalker and I caught your message! :gigglr

    Good morning to you and good night to me ...just got off work and I have to work 7p-7am in just a few short hours....

    Text me when your phone is done with the temper tantrum!
  2. morning, wifey phone is yet again acting up so wanted to say helloo
  3. oh lol, good to know, I kinda DID think my wifey was ignoring me.

    I know the truth now.
  4. my phone is showing I have a text from you but refuses to let me view it so I'm not ignoring you. I'm going to try to get it fixed tomorrow so i'll get a hold of you then
  5. I know weekends are busy times for you but as soon as you get some time, lets catch up! I don't go back to school until Wednesday so I will be around
  6. I'm on my lunch break but just wanted to say I hope you're enjoying your day off!
  7. No problem! I have not been normal a day in my life!
  8. That's okay I'm a so you'll have to get used to that
  9. no, unfortunately I have an old phone (that just likes texts) until my plan is up in August
    Sorry your wifey is so difficult, but you are gonna have to get used to it
  10. Well, I have class all day everyday but my phone is always around, too! Do you have any messangers on your phone (ie-skype, yahoo)? Those are easier for me to use than texting. If not, texting is still a-okay!

    ..I'm waiting to see what you put before I change mine
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