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  1. I've been MIA but just wanted to see how you are doing?!
    Homecoming is SO soon. How's everything going?
  2. So you got to experience the -30 temperatures?! I'm doing good and so is K-man. We are just now looking forward to R&R in June. It has gone by faster than I ever thought it would. Is DB looking forward to getting over there with his guys? Let me know if you need anything
  3. Hey you
    Everything is well. Was in your area last week or should I say your Db's. How is he? How are you? I'm cool. Db will probably be leaving soon, once the doc sign his papers.
  4. Hi Stranger!! I just wanted to see how everything is going
  5. yes we should...I'm game
  6. I'm glad to hear that. I just finished my first summer class, have 2 weeks off, and then take 2 more for 4 weeks, then another few weeks off before fall begins .We should catch up via yahoo chat sometime soon
  7. Oh that's good you are getting a break from school. I am good no new developments , just checking in. Are you taking summer classes?
  8. hi there things are going pretty well, I finally have 2 weeks off from school so I'm just relaxing. How are things for you??
  9. Hey how are things?
  10. Ooohh I've known for almost 2 months now...the first 2 weeks were the hardest. I am a brooder so I was upset and struggling with it for awhile (those entire 2 weeks). Our relationship is young so, we are still learning each other that made it harder. I didn't want him to feel like I was scared and was thinking of leaving so I was very quiet (no calls or texts). I believe he was nervous too so he didn't call either. About two weeks or so went pass, maybe only one and then we talked and we just talked about it plainly (sort of lol). He admitted his fears and angers about being sent again so soon. Since then we discuss sometimes but not always, I made a Survival Plan to help me, and other than that I just try to enjoy and make the most out of NOW!He has been hurt in deployments by other women so I don't want to say the same old thing, "I'm here, I will wait, I won't leave" etc because you never what you will do. Its a mountain, so I'm just taking my time, taking one step at a time, one day at a time, and I hope and pray that when I reach the top of the mountain he will be there on the other side.

    The deployments are a serious reality. I have two friends whose bfs are just coming home, and it is a life changing experience, however I believe it can make you a strong and wiser woman, and deepen the love in your relationship. Is your DB in the Army? How many deployments has he done?
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