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  1. Isn't it exciting???? I remember you and I posted how our hearts were just broken and how much it sucked. But now we found amazing guys! I mean, last year I was hoping Jonathan would come around, but I'm so happy he didn't.

    Soon a year will be here for us booboo!!! I'm so happy you're happy because you deserve it. You really really do and I LOVE hearing your stories Gavin is so good to you

    I love you booboo!!!
  2. It's your 8 month anniversary tomoro!!! Pshh don't mind the ticker, it's all about the date! I ll ALWAYS remember your date, day after mine. Is it hard to believe how much our lives changed? To think where we were a year ago! I was in Dallas this wk one year ago to meet xDB, who I didn't see cos we broke up 2 wks before, such a rough time being over there.

    The time and tears we wasted on our ex's, blah I wish it never happened.

    I am so happy you found YOUR ONE. I feel like we were in the same position before we met them, and then all these good things happened us at the same time.. Eeeeee, makes me giggly!

    on your 8th month, I meant to just say that, but I kept typing

  3. omg girl I've never been happier. He gives me butterflies like CRAZY!! It's funny how I thought J was my everything, but my relationship with J never touched what DB and I have now.

    What about you girl?!?!?! New boy!!
  4. i love seeing how happy you are in ur posts! Its so cute!

  5. thank u sweeeeetie! it means alot to me!
  6. FIIIIII!!!!!!!

    I love you bunches. that is all.
  7. Fiiiii!!!! Ahhhh I'm going to look right now. Did you have fun? You're a funny drunk Happy Halloween!!

    I missed two skype messages from J because I was sleeping that hard. How does that happen?? lol! I was sleeepppyyyy.

  8. MORNING!!!

    My kitty cat pics are up

    Hows meggy today! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

  9. Fiiiiiii!!!!! <3 How was your party?!?! Yay drunk kitty!!


    I love nutmeggy!!!

    Fifi is a drunk kitty cat right now!

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