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  1. hey! yeah that first phone call sucked! its hard..some days are worse than others..but write letters every helped me cuz it was like i was talking to him and he LOVED them! i cried when he called the second time and we actually could talk..seriously the best ever!!! def go to his grad..its an amazing experience and makes u so proud!!! basically i tried to stay as busy as i could..wrote letters..planned for the weekend to see him...and trusted in God for strength and that He would keep my Airman safe!
  2. I'm kind of where you use to be. My boyfriend left yesterday for basic training and it's been hard. It's only day 1! The only thing I know is I'll get one phone call to get his address and thats it. How did you get through this? It's gonna be hard not talking to him for 8.5 weeks. Any suggestions???
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