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  1. gotcha. thank you
  2. Nah he's just a boring supply admin. Hm, idk it seems like the opposite to me, all the guys I know in the Corps usually get sent as far from home as possible . He should get a wish list though so he can say where he wants, DH put NC both times and got it the second time but he's getting out of the marines now so it doesn't matter lol. I'll he gets NC for you, I visited there for his MOS school and liked it there too. Japan is beautiful, the beaches are so pretty and I just love seeing a different culture.
  3. Is his MOS aviation mechanic? I would love for him to go to NC but i do alot of poking around on the internet and i read somewhere that since he went to the west coast for boot that if hes stationed stateside that it would probably be on the west coast but idk if thats true or not? im really hoping for NC what do you love about it? i will definitely visit him
  4. Oh goodness don't say that We had a huge feeling he was getting Japan too but hoped we were wrong, he was one of like 5 that got Japan instead of NC. He hates it there but I've been 4 times, I love it! If your DB gets it definitely try to visit.
  5. aw i would feel bad too. he's in Japan? Idk why but i just have a feeling DB is going to get stationed there after he graduates MOS school. How is it over there?
  6. Aw thanks He waited till I left Japan from my visit to tell me so I thought it was sweet but now he has it for nothing he's silly, I feel bad though. I said "mail it to me"
  7. hi! im trisha
    i was just reading through a thread and i read this "My husband "lies". He went to the PX and told me he was looking at games for me and asked what one I wanted, I told him and he said they don't have that one. Come to find out he bought me one and didn't tell me since it was "the wrong one." I told him I wish be would have told me cause I'd love it anyway" and i didnt want to threadjack but i just wanted to say that that is soooo sweet and made me go awww lol
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