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  1. How you been
  2. How are you doing?
  3. I'm sorry to hear that. Im on post most mornings if you want to meet at one of the starbucks sometime, otherwise there is a couple good coffee shops just outside the gates too. On Tues and Thurs I have class in downtown Clarksville, so just let me know whats most convenient for you. Hang in there, deployment can change peoples attitudes and mindset... I hope that everything works out for you one way or another
  4. sorry it has taken me so long to respond... I have been dealing with a break up between me and my now ex fiance... I would really like to meet up for coffee sometime... 615-295-3243 is my cell # feel free to txt me whenever u are free to go to coffee
    hope to hear from u soon
  5. I've made several attempts to arrange another G2G in the Fort Campbell thread and have not received any responses. Several of the girls who used to meet have already left for other duty stations. I would be happy to meet for coffee sometime if you'd like.
  6. are u still hosting g2g in the ft campbell area?
  7. Hey how you been? I am finally in Ft Campbell and so far I like it, but I am still wanting to attend a g2g soon so I can meet new people. And hopefully make some new friends- if you have any idea on he nxt meeting just let me know thanks
  8. Im moving on base to help out a friend whose husband is deployed with my fiance... I live in Tn now but will just be moving on base and when my fiance gets back we are gonna get a place of our own and thank you im excited i cant wait for him to get back so we can finish planning our beach wedding
  9. That's great! Are you in the area already and just moving on post? Or are you moving from another state? & Congrats on your engagement! If you ever want to meet up for coffee or something once you get settled, let me know. It took me a while to make friends in the area so I know how hard it can be to move somewhere new, especially during a deployment. I'm actually not in the area right now.. I'm visiting family back home in CA, but I'll be back fairly soon!
  10. my name is Savannah...
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