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  1. Hey Vicki
    I hope you are doing ok. I still have not heard from my BF Bill but that is not uncommon when he is on a mission. But this is the longest it has ever been. To anwser your question Yes we have maintained communication throughout his deployment in Iraq and I have sent him packages which makes him super happy. But since they have moved out of the cities of Iraq it has been very difficult the satelites and internet keep getting blown up or blown over by the sand srorms. But he can sometimes read my emails even if he cannot reply because of security. That helps because he knows what I am up to and helps him to not freak out. You know boys will be boys and get jealous..Anyway I do think the distance has made us closer but he has a hard time expressing himself over there, he is a strong sloider so he thinks he can't show to much emotion online. But in person he is a little teddy Bear.
    Talk soon..hope I will have good news to tell you...Janel
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