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  1. welcome!
  2. aw thank you so much!
  3. well you are a very pretty lady so you will make a gorgeous bride and have a gorgeous wedding!
  4. thanks the BBQ is so our style - laid back and fun - and also saves us money. the beach was never a "dream" but i think they are beautiful and i'd love it, if we can afford it!
  5. i'll try!!! btw the i love the bbq reception idea for your wedding! it sounds fun! and ive always wanted a beach wedding!
  6. Yes that will definitely be nice enjoy it!
  7. im pretty dern excited if i do say so myself! and hes all like oh this trip is all about you but im excited since its just the two of us going and we dont have to worry about other people bothering us!
  8. anytime DC will be awesome!
  9. well me and him are going to washington dc so that should be good. i just miss him and the fact hes like oh im gonna do this with him and that with this friends etc im like woah YOUR GIRLFRIEND hasnt seen you in about 3 months! i wrote him a letter tonight telling him how i feel soooo we'll see how that goes! but im done whining now thanks for caring
  10. i'm sorry what a bad situation to be in. i'm sure he's just excited to get home and see everyone, including you. he probably doesn't realize that by only telling you the things he wants to do with his guy-friends, it makes you feel left out. i'm sure he has plenty planned for the two of you tho!
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