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  1. Hey hun! I was actually thinking about you recently after seeing the siggie I made you on my laptop Things are good, still adjusting to NC. So... HI? That's awesome! Lots of and
  2. Hey girlie! I just wanted to touch base with you and see how you're doing. How was your Thanksgiving? How's your sweetie? My Thanksgiving was ok if you don't think about the 12 hour shift I pulled that night. But I am very happy!! The big move to Hi is in less than 3 weeks and I am excited!! I hope you are blessed and fully of joy hon!
  3. No, you don't hon. It's cold. Autumn sent us a postcard last week. Said it wasn't coming this year. Winter sent a telegram saying it was coming early

    I'm being silly because I hate the cold. Today wasn't so bad
  4. Its pretty warm here in NC. I want it to feel autumn like so badly!
  5. Tell him to hang tough and if possible meet him in his dreams so he has better rest. I ask DB to meet me in mine all the time. The times he can makes all the difference. Is it cold and windy by you?
  6. I'm glad to hear that!!! You've handled this thing nicely Chris is okay. He gets a little better each day. Having a little issue sleeping, but he's pushing through.
  7. He is good. I heard from him the other day so I am up here on cloud 9. Only a short time until he is home for good. How about your love?
  8. Doing okay, pushing through, day by day. Moved to a different state and going through a lot of adjustments. How's your beau doing?
  9. I'm doing really well! Life is but a dream ♪ How about you doll?
  10. Aww, thank you How are you love?
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