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  1. Hey girl, hope everything is going well
  2. Really? That's bizzare!!
  3. Omg bud, Ive been meaning to tell you that your SO looks like this kid in my 4th grade class!
  4. I've been working my butt off. I am in NY now and working at Coach. DB is due back very soon and I am super geeked about it. I think I have finally figured out my homecoming outfit but know that it is subject to change at any time. New Moon is only a month and a half away. Yeah
  5. so where in the world have you been! its like you dropped off the planet girl?! ,miss ya
  6. Yeah why not?! I just met another MSOS lady last week. I wanna meet more!
  7. My cousin live there, they actually just moved. He's in the Marines! I should come visit! lol
  8. Awesome! I know you are excited. I am moving down to Hawaii to be with my DB when he is done with Afghanistan. Love is such a delight!
  9. Im still here, but I live in a College town called Hattiesburg, that's where DB was living before he got deployed so no he's in Iraq, But Im moving back somewhere between November and April, and we are going to live together.... yay!
  10. I didn't know that. A friend and I were suppose to take a road trip down south but then I got a job so perhaps sometime next year. I've never been so it would be fun!

    Where are you located now? And your DB/DH?
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