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  1. For getting the address! Have fun putting together his care package, let me know how it goes! Have a great weekend!!
  2. Just got Tony's address!!!!! =) YaY!
  3. Yea we're both from LaCrosse, but I know where you're talking about. By the sounds of it he's in the same group as Tony, craziness! He was in Texas for like 2 months then left almost a week ago....what a small world Have you heard from DB yet? I'm still waiting...grrrr!
  4. Hey there! My DB is from Fon du Lac, he's in the WI National Guard and just left on his deployment last week. He was in Texas before that, be we were able to talk. So, I'm right there with you, I'm getting adjusted to not hearing from him. The beginning should be the hardest part.

    Like you said, its nice to actually talk to people one-on-one on this site. A lot of people know what we are going through, and that is really comforting. Keep in touch!!
  5. Well Hello Ela. It's always fun hearing from new people It's nice to be able to actually talk to people instead of just posting, ya know. So what part of WI is the DB from? DB just left so I'm still in the "getting used to not talking to him everyday" phase, lol.
    oh and ps: I agree with pinksugar, I like the "I'm random and I like it..." part...It fits me to the tee
  6. I'm Liz! I just noticed that you are from WI, just wanted to say "hello". My DB is from WI and is currently deployed, so its always great to see Wisconsin people on here.
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