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  1. I will definitely let you know!
  2. Sweet! When you're back up and running let me know, the kids and I are in Boise all the time!
  3. Lol, yeah I should have him by next weekend
  4. Thats true, although isn't your baby, like, ready to pop out? LOL
  5. haha wow, well then sometime the three of us need to get together! lol
  6. LOL - we're the only two!!! Actually lovemylove (Danielle) is too, but her DB is stationed at my base!
  7. Hey! Just stopping by to say hiiiiii! Since I know your in Idaho too, we need to get an Idaho MSOS get together...together! lol
  8. I'm in Boise right now, DH works on Gowen
  9. Hi! Where are you in Idaho?
  10. Hey! Just wanted to stop by and say HIIIII to another Idaho girl!!
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