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  1. DF is already crazy protective! He just told me he doesnt want me living by myself. I was like um babe the next time you get deployed I'm gonna be living by myself. He was like yea but by then you will be on an Army post. Please tell me how that is any different does it really make it any safer for me to live alone? Just buy me a damn guy show me how to use it ill be good! haha
  2. Yeah, I know DH has changed. He said himself he is going to be more protective of me and idk how I feel about that at this point
  3. I feel the same about DF right now. For some reason I have this fear that he isnt gonna be the same. I mean I know hes not and I can tell in just the past few months that he has been gone watching him change. Which is good and bad at the same time. KWIM?
  4. He's being... well.. a typical husband. Excited for him to come home but nervous at the same time
  5. Just as annoying as every! lol what about yours?
  6. I know right? Its been a while. Hows your man?
  7. Heyyy! I am doing pretty good how about you? I havent talked to you in a while.
  8. Hey hun! How are you doin?
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